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Frequently Asked Questions

How many homes should I look at before I make a decision?

It's totally up to you! Some people fall in love with something the second time they go out and look at a project, some people look at 10 different projects in 5 different locations before landing on something they fall in love with. Ultimately if you're going to buy something your planning on living in for long term you want to make sure it's the right one you choose, and not one that was chosen because you were pressured to buy.

Do I have to Sign a Contract With You?

Not Upfront! When you sign up to be on our VIP list our job is to provide you with exclusive projects around the GTA for the best prices and find you the project that's right for you. Only once you make the decision and tell us "GET ME IN ON THIS PROJECT!" and we secure you a lot will we required by law to sign a Buyer Reprentation Agreement with you which legally entitles us to act on your behalf in your best interest to get you in on the project. This contract is only for the transaction at hand and does not bind you or obligate you in any way to stay with us past that given transaction.

How do your fees work?

Whether you are an investor or a buyer, you DO NOT pay us any fees. Our service to you is free of charge. As real estate agents we get paid by the sellers. When it comes to pre construction projects, the builder will pay us a commission on each sale at closing!

Is HST included in purchase price when buying a new build?

Depending on if you are buying to live in an a principle residence or your buying for investment purposes. If you are buying as your principle residence then 99% of the time HST is included in the advertised price unless otherwise stated clearly. If you are buying as an investment you will pay the HST on top of the purchase price and register for the Ontario HST home buyers credit to receive a substantial amount of your HST back. 

Any further questions you may have? Email us at

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